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I'm Dr Dhani Dharmaprani

A biomedical engineer and postdoctoral researcher who (very literally) focuses on matters of the heart. I am currently a Future Making Fellow at the Australian Institute of Machine Learning (AIML), University of Adelaide.

My current research aims to unravel the mechanisms responsible for sustaining dangerous arrhythmias in the heart, specifically in relation to the application of novel computational and mathematical approaches.

What I do

My research primarily centers on the following areas, but I am continuously seeking to broaden my technical and scientific skills to diversify my research.

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Signal Processing

Involves the analysis, manipulation, and interpretation of various forms of signals to extract meaningful information and optimize data representation.

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Cardiac Electrophysiology

The study of the heart's electrical system, focusing on understanding its rhythms and impulses to diagnose and treat cardiac disorders effectively.

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Computational Modelling

The use of mathematical models and computer simulations to replicate complex systems and processes, enabling predictions and insights into their behavior and interactions.

Machine Learning

Machine learning is a field of artificial intelligence that enables computers to learn and make decisions from data without being explicitly programmed.

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